Hawthorn Tea for Lowering Blood Pressure

The hawthorn bush, also known as hawberry, typically grows in areas of Europe, and is most commonly used for culinary uses, as well as medicinal uses. For many centuries, hawthorn tea has been used as a way to heal the heart and the arteries of the body. This has been a direct result of all the benefits it has to offer which can help to heal the body of certain afflictions that target the arteries as well as blood flow throughout the body.

Dangers of High Blood Pressure

Quite similarly to high cholesterol, high blood pressure is a common ailment that often times comes without any evident symptoms until it reaches later stages. Those who are affected by high blood pressure are oftentimes unaware of it, and it can have the ability to damage the body for years without showing any obvious symptoms. If this issue is not taken care of quickly enough, it can lead to serious disorders and complications such as: artery damage, heart disease, and in some of the worst cases, heart failure. Aside from damaging the heart, it can also cause mental damage as well which may lead to dementia, strokes, or cognitive impairment. Other important organs that can be damaged by high blood pressure are the kidneys. High blood pressure is destructive to the vessels of the kidneys which can also result in kidney failure.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

So what causes high blood pressure? There are a number of things that are suspected of being a cause behind this serious issue though the exact cause is still unknown. Some of the most common factors that have been shown to have an effect on the increase of blood pressure levels are stress, poor diet, being overweight, smoking, genetics, older age, obesity, and alcohol consumption.

How Hawthorn Tea Helps

Drinking hawthorn tea is highly beneficial in aiding those that are looking for natural and safe ways to lower blood pressure. This herbal remedy manages to do this by eliminating plaque buildup in the arteries, increasing coronary artery blood flow, as well as by improving the flow of blood in the arteries over all. These medical effects are a result of the flavonoids as well as the antispasmodic capabilities of this tea, which both work effectively to lower blood pressure.